Thursday, June 25, 2009

fishing season on the Trinity River in Douglas City

Hi folks & welcome to the first post on The Arttus Ranch blog. I want to quote from an article in The Fishing Report, San Francisco Chronicle, June 25, 2009, on the beginning of the summer fishing season on the Trinity River:

The Fishing Report
Brian Hoffman
Thursday, June 25, 2009
It's worth it to go way up high, in that there is salmon fishing happening on the Klamath and Trinity rivers. Dave Jacobs, a guide, is dividing his professional time between the Sacramento River below Redding and the Trinity, where the spring-run kings are just pushing into the river. He's drifting Del Loma to Douglas City, and his clients generally are catching one to three salmon per day, these landed on sardine-wrapped Kwikfish in the morning, and bagged roe and tuna, side drifted, when the sun finds the water. The salmon are not large - 8 to 10 pounds - but they're in the river. ... The Sacramento River, below Redding, offers a nice combination of trout and shad fishing. A guy like Jacobs, a guide with a jet boat, can make it a day of catching both. He starts out fishing for the wild rainbows in the morning, gets anywhere from 25 to 40 hookups on side drifted GloBugs, then tails it downriver late morning for shad, which are stacked up at Los Molinos in a way the guide has not seen in five or six seasons...

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